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1ntelligence Training

An introduction to Intelligence.

The following series of videos were recorded as part of a series of weekly training webinars. If you are using Intelligence then these videos will be a useful resource to support the live training. If you are not currently using Intelligence but thinking about it, please contact us and we will be happy to provide access to Intelligence and allow you to experience the system for yourself.

The first video is an overview of Intelligence and a great starting point for a new user.


Searching for Candidates from a vacancy

Episode 1 – Search. In the first of our webinar series, Shane McCusker talks about using Intelligence to search for candidates for a vacancy and building a shortlist.



Searching for Candidates with Hotlists

Episode 2 – Hotlists. This week Shane talks about the search capabilities available by using Hotlists



Applicant tracking through the Shortlist

Episode 3 – Shortlists. This week Shane talks about the shortlist in Intelligence and the applicant tracking process.



Contact management and the diary

Episode 4 – CRM and Diary management.



Using Intelligence to make more placements

Episode 5 – Getting value from information.



Intelligence Administration

Episode 6 – The Admin side of Intelligence.



Intelligence Videos

The following videos were made on an earlier version of Intelligence. We have left these here for reference as, although the look and feel of Intellience changed, the basic functionality explained in these videos remains much the same in the current version.



Adding a Candidate


Recording Conversations


Classify Candidates


Candidate Searching


Applicant tracking with Intelligence


Letter Templates


Creating a classification structure

Intelligence tests

To help our customers and anyone visiting our site learn to use Intelligence or improve their recruitment skills we would be delighted for you to try these Intelligence Tests.
These tests are written by anyone visiting our site so once you try a few of them, please feel free to edit any existing questions and answers or create a new test with the link below.
Once you complete the test you can see the answers that have been put together.
If you would like any further explanation of these answers or have any other questions about Intelligence then please contact us at any time.

  • Shortlists
  • Searches
  • Prove Me Wrong
  • Adding Candidates
  • WP’s quick 2min Test
  • 1st Training Session Test
  • Recruiter efficiency test
  • Necro
  • Demo
  • Farooq
  • Chronicle
  • Mastapic
  • Preeshini
  • Gugu
  • 1
  • gunjan
  • gunja
  • Am I Smart
  • developer c#
  • luca
  • lucas of the mirrro
  • l
  • k
  • jik
  • testet
  • testeettt
  • hello
  • adfsdadasd
  • test
  • teste
  • 453
  • rg
  • rgrgrg
  • rgrgrgrgrgrgrgr
  • If you think you are an Intelligence expert, Click Here and you can create your own Intelligence Test that everyone can do.